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Unlock the Potential of your Journals and Share them with the World!

Stress-free, on-demand journal printing is now available! We offer a true print-on-demand model for both mono and colour journals across a range of binding styles and paper choices.

Journal Vault is a quick and simple service that will allow any journal publisher to manage all of its journals and subscribers in one easy-to-use online system. Journal Vault will be available to any educational, scientific, technical or medical publisher.

Within minutes, you can upload the latest edition of your journal in real time directly into our print ordering system and track it through the printing process, right up till the final delivery to your customer.

Journal Vault allows publishers to upload all the information about their journals and subscribers straight to our system. You will be able to indicate when the next issue of each journal would need to be dispatched and to which subscribers. Our bespoke system will use this information to know how many of each issue will need to be printed and who to send it to.

Journal Vault gives you, the publisher, complete control over your publication. It’s not just a place to store your content; it’s a place to manage your content!

Do you know about BookVault?

Eliminate storage costs and waste, and save valuable time with our web-based digital book depository. BookVault is a free service through which you can upload your books and place print orders - from one upwards - using the highest-quality digital printing technology at very attractive prices. Flexible and user-friendly, BookVault has proved to be an invaluable print-on-demand tool for publishers of all sizes.

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Who can Benefit from Journal Vault?

Publishers of any size, for example:

  • Publishers of scientific journals and manuals
  • Small, medium and large companies ordering technical manuals
  • Publishers of medical journals

In short, if you have a need to print on demand, from just one copy, we can help!

What are the benefits of using Journal Vault for POD?

  • Journal Vault gives you the option to order a specific number of your latest journal
  • It allows a subscriber to request back issues of any journal
  • Access to your own personal file repository; a place for you the publisher, to have access to every single file of the journals you have uploaded (Coming soon)
  • It gives you the ability to send marketing along with the journal: leaflets, pamphlets, etc
  • You will be able to view in-depth reports showing sales of all your journals
  • Journal Vault give you the ability to customise homepage (Show only things that are relevant to the client)
  • Allow different access levels that allow the subscribers to log in and access the journals they are subscribed to and allows them to order any back-issues
  • Plus much, much more...

The principle of short-run journal printing is not new. Many companies offer it as a service. However, through Journal Vault we offer added value.

We make the process quick and easy, eliminating time and effort on administration, giving you transparency when ordering print jobs.

Journal Vault is not just a place to store your content, it’s your complete content solution!

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